“When we listen deeply, and tell stories, we build a just and healthy world.”


A digital story is a first-person narrative that weaves together visual and auditory media—for instance, stock images, home video, illustrations, music, sound effects, and voiceover—in the form of a short video that can be shared widely. As a mode of artistic expression and theory-making, digital storytelling is based on the principle that we are all experts of our own lives. For most of us, this was our first time creating a digital story. They emerged from a place of intergenerational wisdom and lived experience. Using our own voices and those of our communities, we are forging counter-narratives to the dominant discourses of decline that surround aging, and pushing the boundaries of what is considered default in age studies.

Remix. By Mia Sanders, Deborah Ocholi, Larissa Lac, Xiaoli Yang & Iqra Mahmood.
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