The Resemblage Project Team

The Resemblage Project has been in development since 2017. This work has benefited greatly from the labour, creativity, and generous contributions of a number of individuals: ranging from our storytellers, to technically-skilled collaborators, to friends and colleagues who offered guidance of many kinds.

The project team listed below was responsible for developing, evolving, and launching The Resemblage Project as an online resource in May 2019, with ongoing updates as this creative research evolves. The assemblage of stories, writing, work and labour you find here has been a truly collective and emergent effort: now, and in the future developments of our intergenerational storytelling work.

Andrea Charise conceived of, led, and coordinated The Resemblage Project as a result of receiving the inaugural Jackman Humanities Institute Digital Scholars Fellowship in 2017. She provided advice and guidance to each team member, and supervised the creation of project outcomes and emerging goals. Andrea cared for the team and enchanted us with her knowledge, creativity, and kindness.

As Project Manager and Research Assistant, Celeste Pang coordinated The Resemblage Project, provided inspiration for our work, and supported each team member thoughtfully and with kindness. Her research skills and spirit oriented and guided the whole team throughout the month.

Larissa Lac created a digital story called Peaches, assisted in the project website layout design, provided ideas for the remix video The Story, and created the Resemblage banner photo.

Iqra Mahmood created and animated a digital story called Growing Down, assisted with the website copy, and developed branding elements such as The Resemblage Project logo and our project colour schemes.

Deborah Ocholi created a digital story called Tethered, wrote the website copy, and provided ideas for the remix video The Story.

Mia Sanders created a digital story called Heartlines, designed and launched the project hub The Resemblage Project (, produced the remix video The Story, created the Resemblage banner photo, and assisted with the website copy.

Xiaoli Yang created a digital story called A Bite of Time, managed captions and subtitles creation for the storybank, assisted with the website copy, and took care of the backend of the project digital platform.

Funding Support

Thanks to the University of Toronto’s Jackman Humanities Institute Digital Scholars Fellowship (2017-19), the JHI Scholars-in-Residence Program (2019), and the Dean’s Office at the University of Toronto Scarborough for financial support that enabled the production of digital and print materials associated with this work.

More recently, The Resemblage Project has been supported by grants from FLOURISH: Community-Engaged Arts as a Method for Social Wellness, based at UTSC (2020-2023).


Hearty thanks to Hartley Jafine, Aaron Tucker, Niyosha Keyzad and Felix Chu (founders of the Scarborough Studies Collective) for their contributions and guidance throughout the creation of this digital resource. Much appreciation to Jim Johnstone and Erica Smith for their generous assistance in designing and printing the Inter/Generate chapbook (2019).

We would also like to acknowledge this sacred land on which the University of Toronto operates. This land is the territory of the Huron-Wendat and Petun First Nations, the Seneca and, most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work on this territory.

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