Click on the “Download PDF” buttons below to read transcripts of two roundtable discussions (May 2019 and June 2021) involving Resemblage Project storytellers.

As we age, if we don’t see ourselves as part of a bigger picture, how do we retrieve value?

Critically Unpacking the Resemblage Project 2.0: A Conversation (June 2021)

This candid, expansive conversation grappled with some recurring motifs that emerged both in the final products, and through the course of creation: the diversity of approaches to age, death, and temporality across and between cultures; the place of community; and the concept of “absence-presence” in aging: what is lost, what is gained, and the “legacies” we leave behind, including these digital stories themselves. This entire process was of course shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, a period of profound grief and isolation that has disproportionately affected older and marginalized populations. Framing remarks by Nicole Dufoe, June 2021.

  • To cite this document: “Critically Unpacking The Resemblage Project 2.0: A Conversation.” Roundtable interview (2021) with Shanice Chin, Nadieshda Curiel Cisneros, Monika Hirsch, Iqra Mahmood, Vijay Saravanamuthu, Meagan Tanguilig, and Andrea Charise. Introductory remarks by Nicole Dufoe. The Resemblage Project: Remixing Scarborough’s Stories of Aging. [Date of download.]

What is the potential of digital storytelling in age or aging studies? What can interdisciplinary work do? What is the story behind your story?

Critically Unpacking the Resemblage Project: A Conversation (May 2019)

This document captures the spirit of our group conversations, collaborative processes, and critical challenges to age studies and digital storytelling: from issues of race and representation (the “Unicef-esque”), the potentials of interdisciplinarity (“interdisciplinariness” and the sublime), to creative practice (“forced creativity,” tips on storyboarding, the generativity of the unresolved)—and readiness, or lack thereof, to decolonize these fields. It can be, we hope, a catalyst for further exploration. It certainly was and remains for us. Framing remarks by Celeste Pang, June 2019.

  • To cite this document: “Critically Unpacking The Resemblage Project: A Conversation.” Roundtable interview (2019) with Andrea Charise, Larissa Lac, Iqra Mahmood, Deborah Ocholi, Celeste Pang, Mia Sanders, Xiaoli Yang. Introductory remarks by Celeste Pang. The Resemblage Project: Remixing Scarborough’s Stories of Aging. [Date of download.]
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